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  • juri edwards
DOB: 4/27/1984
HOMETOWN: Tokyo, Japan
PASSION: Fitness
SOCIAL MEDIA:  Twitter Instagram

 Juri Edwards was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. She began practicing yoga in 2006 in Newport Beach, California. While attending Chapman University, she studied abroad in India for four months. She also did an internship at a local NGO in a rural area, teaching English to children. After returning to America, she started a fundraiser to support the children of India. Her first fundraising project was an art exhibition in Tokyo called “Share Your Hearts”. She raised money and school supplies for the schools and NGO that she had volunteered at while studying abroad. Juri moved to Hawaii in 2008 and began living an active and fitness-oriented lifestyle, including a dedicated yoga practice. She completed her 200-hour teacher training at Open Space Yoga. Aside from her yoga practice, Juri is an athlete who enjoys various forms of exercise including surfing and triathlons. In 2011, she completed the Ironman Western Australia. Currently, Juri is teaching at Corepower Yoga in Honolulu and she also specializes in Japanese at the Kahala Body Studio. Juri is also a personal trainer with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science from Kapiolani Community College.