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DOB: 5/16/1980
HOMETOWN: Maui, Hawaii
PASSION: Free diving, spearfishing, painting, and cooking
SOCIAL MEDIA:  Twitter  Instagram

Kimi Werner’s skill set is wide and deep like the ocean. The Maui native is an accomplished free diver, winning a U.S. National Spearfishing Championship in 2008 and swimming with sharks of all sizes for fun. Complementing her ability to hunt for fresh seafood is Werner’s prowess in the kitchen. She is a formally trained chef and graduated from the renowned Kapiolani Community College Culinary Arts Program. Werner’s creative endeavors extend past the foodie-scene. She has a deep passion for painting with oils and acrylics. With all of her interests Werner strives for a simple and sustainable lifestyle, sharing her love for the ocean and creativity along the way with all.