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DOB: 07/03/1985
HOMETOWN: Kailua-Kona, HI
PROFESSION: Singer/Songwriter
SOCIAL MEDIA:  Instagram  Twitter  Facebook

Kimie Miner went from a shy songstress to a confident singer/songwriter in one U.S. west coast tour. She always wanted to be a performer, but lacked the self-assurance to pursue a musical career. Comfortable in backyard jam sessions, it took a chance encounter with a reggae super star to motivate her out of the casual performances to a bigger stage. While attending the University of San Diego, the Kona native met reggae living legend, Barrington Leevy.  That’s right, “Under Mi Sensi,” Barrington Levy, who helped Kimie find her voice. Since then the talented singer/songwriter has released two albums and toured North America, Hawai‘i and Polynesia extensively.