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IMG_2363 On a crisp winter morning the Waiola Life took trip to the  North Shore to hang out and document Axel Irons  having “good fun” in The Country. It was a shoot to show the stoke of a grommet with the new Waiola chocolate coconut water. During the shoot the crew got to talk story with Axel’s mom, Lyndie, who is a “super mom” and successful entrepreneur. As the widow of three-time Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Champion Andy Irons (July 24, 1978 – November 2, 2010), Lyndie has multiple roles to fill as a single mom to their four-year-old son. IMG_2109-2 She was seven months pregnant when Andy passed away four years ago, and she gave birth to Axel Irons in Kaua‘i on December 8, 2010. Coincidentally it was opening day of the 2010 Billabong Pipe Masters, the last event of the ASP World Tour and Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. That year contest organizers dedicated the Pipe Masters to the memory of Andy Irons. The number “8″ represents infinity and when Andy died his family, friends and supporters adopted the mantra and hashtag “AI Forever” as a tribute to the great Kauaian surfer. Perhaps the most endearing and adorable legacy of Andy’s is his and lyndie’s son, Axel Irons, whose initials are also A.I. like his daddy’s. This winter Waiola caught up with Lyndie Irons at the Billabong House to talk about the challenges of raising a little boy, running a business and how nutrition is important to keep Axel having good fun throughout the day. IMG_2016 Waiola Life: We can tell Axel is an active little dude. What are your son’s favorite activities at the moment?

Lyndie Irons: He loves to skateboard and surf. Surfing is his new favorite thing to do, but those are his two things he loves to do.


Surfing already? That is awesome! What is Axel’s typical morning like?

He normally wakes up around 6:30 a.m. and it normally takes him about an hour to really wake up. Then we have breakfast and he watches a little bit of cartoons and we either go skate my front yard or he goes to school.


How important is breakfast for Axel?

As a mother I think it’s really important that he eats a really healthy, well-balanced meal. Lolli/Acacia Swim 2015 Collection - Runway As part-owner of Acacia swimwear and a single mother, what are some of the challenges balancing entrepreneurship and parenthood?

Being a single mom and running a business is a challenge, but the good thing about my job is that I can work from home from my computer and phone so I can spend some good, quality time with him. So he has a really healthy lifestyle.


We bet Axel also plays multiple roles as your loved one as well.

Axel is not only my son, but he’s my everything–he’s my best friend. We spend every waking minute with each other unless he’s at preschool. I play every sport with him. We sleep together in the same bed, we eat every meal together so yeah, he’s my best bud.

IMG_2346 How difficult is it to play a fatherly role for Axel when it comes to sports?

Obviously, he doesn’t have a dad so I take it upon myself to play both roles [mother and father] so that’s why I’m always skating and surfing and running and playing and doing everything a dad would do.


Do you like being the mom and dad in the relationship, or are the daddy duties too masculine?

I love it! I probably love it more than him because I love watching him play.


Check back on Monday, December 22 for a video of Lyndie and Axel Irons having good fun on the North Shore.